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Dusty Knapp was hired to record on either the entire CD project or certain tracks.  He has also been asked to record various one-off tracks for other artists in putting together new song demos, which due to the nature of the business, are not listed here.

Year    Artist                                                                Album
2012    Adam Pope                                                 “The American that I Know”
2011    Dusty Knapp                                              “Rifting the Train” (single)
2011    Joanna Tatara                                            self-titled CD
2011    Lauren Zoeller & Bluze Lightning      “Right Track”
2010    Ps100                                                            “The Other Side”
2010    Dusty Knapp                                              “Reflections of Worship”
2009    Ps100                                                           “Movin’ On”
2009    Dawn Richey                                            “The Life, the Legends, and
the Lessons Learned”
2009    Adam Pope                                                “This is Adam Pope”
2008    Jonathan Deeter                                      “Job’s Song”
2003    George Harb                                             “Dazzling Eyes”
2002    George Harb                                             “Occasions With You”
2001    George Harb                                             “The Jingle Twirl” (single)
2001    George Harb                                             “Tell Me How Much”
2000    Dusty Knapp                                            “Peek Inside the Sounds” (Demo)
1999    Josie Waverly and SoundScape        “Angles of Mercy Flight Central”
1999    Craig Wilkins                                              “Just Country”
& the Western New Yorkers